Counter-Terror: Global Strike

Counter-Terror: Global Strike

About Counter-Terror: Global Strike

Counter-Terror: Global Strike is a popular game in the spirit of the legendary Counter-Strike 1.6 and CS:GO Global Offensive. Terrorists have become active all over the world, and it is time to strike a global blow to terrorism. In the game player special forces counter-terror, you need to destroy terrorists in the classic locations. This installment includes Aztec, Dust2, and Mansion Players have access to a wide arsenal of weapons, including pistols, assault rifles, machine guns, sniper rifles and grenades. Both classic weapons and new weapons are present. Try AK-12 with silencer, sniper rifle VSS "Vintorez" and many other new effective weapons with cool skins. For successful completion of tasks players receive money, which allows them to buy more powerful and effective weapons for combat missions. Destroy terrorists, collect the entire collection of weapons, pass all maps, enter the top ranking of the best players.


  • Platforms iOS, Android, Desktop
  • Tags3d, no registration, no download, endless, free, browser, high quality, desktop, for PC, mobile, multiplayer, agility, first - person, shooter, addictive, shooter, with player ratings, accepts Yans, guns, sniper
  • OrientationLandscape