Namby-Pamby Explode the bubbles

Namby-Pamby Explode the bubbles

About Namby-Pamby Explode the bubbles

The strange and fabulous country of Namby-Pamby is in danger. Impudent balls have swallowed up all citizens. The only hope is you. Pop these round scoundrels to free the young namby-pambys. Each namby-pamby bubble earns you 1 record point as a gratitude. The game in the style of well-known and classic bubble shooters with match-3 mechanics. The goal is to explode the balls. Sometimes special bubbles and walls will appear on the field. You won't be able to burst the walls, but you can trim them to pop the bubbles to which they are stuck. You can pop special bubbles - each contains the unique prize (item or creature) for the collection. The game is intended for adults to kill the time and for children. Calming, entertaining and repetitive gameplay is conducive to relaxation and restoration of mental strength and spiritual harmony. The game has the leaderboard (weekly, monthly and total). Take pride of place in the rankings and receive trophies (unique special medals and cups).


  • Platforms iOS, Android, Desktop
  • Tagsno registration, no download, endless, free, browser, visual, desktop, children, for PC, for teens, logic, mobile, attention, simple, timekiller, addictive, accepts Yans, baby, balloon, rolling
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