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Earthquake io

About Earthquake io

Earthquake io is a realistic 3D physics-based disaster simulator in which you take control of the forces of the Earth to destroy cities, destroy buildings and crush all small objects to compete with other players in a fierce battle. 🏠 The game uses realistic destruction physics. Every time you try to destroy a building, a special algorithm breaks it into small pieces, and then the physics engine realistically simulates the destruction. 🗺️ The game has 3 cards. A small town, a big city and a Japanese village. 🎮 Solo Mode: In this mode you can play alone, without competing with other players.


  • Platforms iOS, Android, Desktop
  • Tags3d, car crash, no registration, no download, free, browser, high quality, fun, visual, desktop, for PC, indie, easy, mobile, fullscreen, agility, russian, simple, against computer
  • OrientationPortrait