Granny 2 Original

Granny 2 Original

About Granny 2 Original

Welcome to Granny 2 Original. Granny and Grandpa came to your house and set traps, now you need to find a solution and escape from the house. Your task is to escape from home. The problem is that in addition to Granny's, there is now Grandpa's. They patrol the house and everyone can pay attention to the noise. In addition to great horror, The game is a puzzle that you need to solve to get out of the house. You have to guess what escape routes there are from the house, what you need to do to get to this or that area. You will have the opportunity to temporarily stop the pursuit of your Granny and Grandpa with the weapon you found. There are only 5 nights - 5 attempts to escape from home. The faster you escape, the better! By the second night you're already starting to limp, so be careful and don't let things get to that point.


  • Platforms iOS, Android, Desktop
  • Tags3d, no registration, no download, free, browser, high quality, for PC, russian, first - person, horror, angry granny, granny, desktop, mobile, guns
  • OrientationLandscape