Piano for kids

Piano for kids

About Piano for kids

Kids piano and other musical instruments, funny games with cars, children's puzzles with animals are located on 22 game screens, where boys and girls can: - play a variety of musical instruments; - have fun solving puzzles with animals, fish, birds and insects, hear the sounds of musical instruments: timpani, xylophone, accordion, guitar, trumpet, banjo, drum kit, maracas, tambourine, triangle, cello, bongos, harp, didgeridoo, violin, saxophone, flute, clarinet, bagpipe, balalaika, piano; - hear the sounds of animals and cars by clicking on the bursting bubbles. The game features 20 different musical instruments! Wind instruments: horn, flute, bagpipes, harmonica, saxophone. Strings: acoustic guitar, harp, violin, balalaika, electric guitar. Keyboards: classical piano for kids, accordion. Percussion: drums, cymbals, triangle, bell, xylophone, tambourine, maracas.


  • PlatformsAndroid, Desktop
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