Noob vs zombie 2

Noob vs zombie 2

About Noob vs zombie 2

This is the newest Noob vs Zombies game! The noob woke up in a hospital where there was no one. When he went outside, he realized that the world had changed. Help the noob to survive in the zombie apocalypse and find a new home. Your main task is to kill all the zombies that you meet on your way, from simple zombies with a small amount of lives, to police and military zombies! Use a variety of different weapons from a pistol to a machine gun and grenades to kill zombies. Collect gold bars and diamonds to upgrade weapons and buy new armor. Pass different levels, open new locations and crush zombies on your car. Game Features: ● Lots of sticky levels! ● Large game world with different locations. ● Shop with a lot of weapons (pistol, shotgun, assault rifle, minigun, AVP and more) ● Shop with skins ● Many types of enemies (zombies, spiders, mutants) ● Shooting and parkour game ● Zombie apocalypse game with Noob and Pro and Hacker. ● Game in the world of minecraft


  • PlatformsAndroid, Desktop
  • Tagsblow up, survival, zombie, minecraft, parkour, platform, shooter, addictive, shooter
  • OrientationLandscape