Jumping Bottle 3D

Jumping Bottle 3D

About Jumping Bottle 3D

The game of throwing a bottle over obstacles has never been so exciting! Play Jumping Bottle 3D if you want to relax and have fun! - Enjoy simple and addictive gameplay! You won't want to stop flipping bottles! - Get a stress medicine. Relax by playing one of the best relaxing games! - Interact with level objects! Use objects around to complete missions. - Complete over 200 fun and challenging levels. Will you be able to complete them all? - Unlock dozens of cool skins! Collect all the bottles!


  • Platforms iOS, Android, Desktop
  • Tags3d, no registration, no download, endless, free, browser, fun, desktop, children, for PC, for teens, exciting, easy, mobile, fullscreen, agility, russian, simple, timekiller, addictive, with player ratings, accepts Yans, block, relaxing, incremental, obstacle
  • OrientationPortrait