Drive A Cat

Drive A Cat

About Drive A Cat

Win by hitting your opponent's head with your car. Play in the arena one on one against a bot or a friend. You will see many different vehicles, traps, absurd accidents. Train your reaction and attentiveness by playing on your computer or on your mobile device. — Fast cars and maps for 1 on 1 fight! — 2 player survival, racing and PvP battle - all in one! — Simple game mechanics, both a pro and a noob can win. — 2 players can play on the same device (tablet,phone or computer). — Funny moments and cool stunts! — Cats drive racing cars! The walkthrough and the gameplay are casual. A battle for two or against a bot. You need to hit the cars so that the enemy cat flew out of the car. Traps (tank mine can be in a random place) and imposter temple map are already among us with dark fnf and fnaf style cat racers. A reward for each unlocked level is a new arena and a rocket fast car! Sports cars, hammer tanks or a default car cat craft! Let's make a run for it and get to the car!


  • PlatformsiOS, Android, Desktop
  • Tagscar crash, bus, car, no download, free, fighting, desktop, children, party, for PC, multiple players, for teens, racing, mobile, mobile, agility, russian, online, simple, against computer
  • OrientationLandscape