Street Rider

Street Rider

About Street Rider

An exciting car game Street Rider is with you! Choose your car and start modifying it. Choose the color of your car. Describe your wheels. You can apply various stickers to your car. If you want, have a car with colored lights. You will need a lot of money to buy your modified products. You can choose different modes in the game. One-way, two-way, against time and the bomb. In the first category, you go in the same direction as all the cars in the lane. In the second category, the road is divided into two, and vehicles also come from the opposite lane. Be careful when making moves. You might come nose-to-nose with one of the cars coming from the opposite lane. You have to watch your driving while racing against the clock. In the bomb section, the bomb attached to your vehicle becomes active from the moment you start moving. If you're not careful, BOOM! Start the game by choosing one of the day, night and rainy sections. May the action and adventure always be with you. Go on!


  • PlatformsDesktop
  • Tags3d, car crash, car, no registration, no download, endless, free, high quality, driving, desktop, for PC, for teens, easy, racing, fullscreen, first - person, simple
  • OrientationLandscape