Squid game - glass bridge

Squid game - glass bridge

About Squid game - glass bridge

Squid game🦑 Test - glass bridge. The goal of the game is to cross the glass bridge to the opposite side. The bridge consists of glass panels, two at each step. One of the two panels is strong and can withstand the weight of two people, the other is fragile, standing on it a person falls into the abyss. It is necessary to guess (or remember) which panel is strong and which is not. In case the player jumps onto a solid bar, he stays in the game and can move on. If the player hits a fragile panel - the glass breaks and the player falls into the abyss, the game starts over, but the location of the panels remains the same. Try to remember the location of the panels so that next time you hit only panels with durable glass. The level is considered completed when the player reaches the opposite side of the bridge. With each new level, the number of panels increases. Choose which glass to jump on!🔎 Get to the opposite side!🏁 Go the farthest, set a new record!🏆


  • PlatformsiOS, Android, Desktop
  • Tagsanime, no registration, no download, endless, free, browser, fun, survival, for PC, for teens, mobile, attention, memory, russian, with player ratings
  • OrientationLandscape