Need For VAZ 2077

Need For VAZ 2077

About Need For VAZ 2077

Ned For VAZ 2077 - This is the need for speed, drive and cans! Now you can ride on the product of the Russian car industry not only in reality, but also try it out in the game! Check out the shiny, red in color and beauty car, which has been pumped especially for drifting! The car is controlled by standard keys: WASD / โ†‘ โ† โ†“ โ†’, Space - handbrake Additional buttons: E - put the car if it overturned R - reload car T - time dilation C - change view The shiny basin is pleasing to the eye, fun game!


  • Platforms Desktop
  • Tags3d, car, driving, for PC, drift, russian, flash, fast and the furious
  • OrientationLandscape