Grand City Missions

Grand City Missions

About Grand City Missions

In career game mode, there are sixteen missions which consist of races and missions which are exciting each other. While some of these missions are in the stunt arena, some of them are inside of the city and these missions consist of transportation missions, car races, driving skills, and bomb detonation missions. In Racing game mode, you can join five different races which consist of four circuit races and one sprint race. You can earn GP from these races if you participate in them in single player mode. If you participate as two player, you can only race for fun against a friend. We strongly recommend you to play this mode in two player gaming mode because it is really much more fun than single player gaming.


  • PlatformsDesktop
  • Tags3d, car, endless, high quality, fun, driving, desktop, for PC, multiple players, for teens, exciting, easy, racing, fullscreen, attention, agility, simple, timekiller, addictive, in spanish
  • OrientationLandscape