Fish rain

Fish rain

About Fish rain

There is nothing easier than throwing and pulling a fish - this is the motto of the fishing game. Realization of live places and live sounds will really move you into realistic fishing. The ability to communicate in a live chat online while catching fish together. Send your epic trophy catch to the chat, showing the name of the fish and its weight. Over 200 types of fish. Catch different types of fish, try your luck at fishing for pike, catfish, fishing for medium-sized fish such as perch and salmon, or hunt for a larger catch - carps, sharks, beluga, kaluga. You can catch a variety of fishing spots in South America, in Russia on Lake Baikal and even in Ukraine on the Pripyat River and other locations. A very large selection of bait or bait from a worm to a cucumber and even leeches. Change the time of day morning, afternoon, evening and night with a variety of game sounds and even flying bugs.


  • PlatformsiOS, Android, Desktop
  • Tagssharks, no registration, no download, endless, free, browser, high quality, desktop, for PC, indie, easy, mobile, mobile, fullscreen, agility, russian, accepts Yans, simple, professional, fishing, timekiller, addictive
  • OrientationLandscape