Animals for kids and their sounds

Animals for kids and their sounds

About Animals for kids and their sounds

Colorful photographs of animals and sound accompaniment create an atmosphere of wildlife. Animal sounds educational app for kids contains pictures of domestic and wild animals, marine life, birds and insects, by clicking on which, the child learns the names of animals in Russian and English, and what sounds they make. The game features 129 types of animals, which are placed in 6 sections: - Pets - animals of forests and steppes - animals of warm countries - birds - water world - insects We all know what a tiger or an elephant looks like, and what sounds a dog or a chicken makes, but for boys and girls it will come as a surprise what a tapir or anteater looks like, and what sounds an echidna or killer whale makes. This game will allow you to spend time fun and useful. The child will learn the sounds of animals and learn how to make logical connections from pictures. Educational game for kids will help the child to have fun on a long journey or in line.


  • PlatformsAndroid, Desktop
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