Noob vs Stickman: Zombie Bowling

Noob vs Stickman: Zombie Bowling

About Noob vs Stickman: Zombie Bowling

We present to you Noob vs Stickman: Zombie Bowling - more than just a relaxing game. Tons of levels and many challenges await you in this arcade game. After every 2 levels, you will deal with the biggest battle against a huge boss. Relax and don’t worry. Your cannon shoot unlimitedly, so just aim and attack until no zombie appears on the bridge. You have 100 lives in each level. Each zombie touches you, you lose a life. So make sure you aim and shoot at the closest enemies first. Prioritize shooting the nearest zombies first is the main point to live longer. The environment will change after 2 levels. The moving speed of those zombies increases and more enemies will appear. However, you have the potential to knock and kick them in battle. By defeating all bosses, you can unlock 10 skins. It doesn’t bring something special to your cannon but it makes your weapon look great and cool.


  • PlatformsiOS, Android, Desktop
  • Tags3d, no registration, no download, endless, free, browser, fun, desktop, for PC, exciting, zombie, indie, mobile, mobile, attention, agility, characters, simple, stickman, shooter, timekiller, addictive
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