Expert Goalkeeper

Expert Goalkeeper

About Expert Goalkeeper

Calculate where the ball will hit. Then act quickly to block the penalty. Features: - Tap the screen to move the gloves quickly; - by blocking penalties, you can collect money to unlock cool gloves; - Fun and exciting atmosphere — great for brands; — a goalie game that is easy to play and difficult to master to the end; — you can play as a goalkeeper indefinitely. Some of their balls will go straight, but others will go in a curve to trick you. Predict the movement of the ball and move your gloves to this place. Just use the mouse on your PC or the touch screen on your mobile devices to block the ball. If you can intercept it, you'll earn points that you can use to buy cool new gloves. The game will end when your opponent gets one point, so watch out.


  • PlatformsiOS, Android, Desktop
  • OrientationLandscape