Noob vs Huggy Wuggy: Escape

Noob vs Huggy Wuggy: Escape

About Noob vs Huggy Wuggy: Escape

An exciting race through the mine, one on one with the monster .... and spiders! You are caught in a dark mine of the world of minecraft and you have been smelled by a scary Monster! Now all you have to do is run for your life. The game has 60+ characters waiting for you, each run can start on a new one. Help Noob, Pro, Cheater, Superheroes, Traitor, Stickman, Hacker and others escape from Huggy Wuggy. The hunt is on...


  • Platforms Android, Desktop
  • Tags3d, no registration, no download, free, browser, high quality, desktop, for pregnant women, children, party, for PC, for teens, brain training, exciting, easy, mobile, agility, timekiller, with player ratings
  • OrientationLandscape